About us?


Our impulse is based on a business philosophy whose main desire is to satisfy our consumers with products of the best quality and 100% selected.

Using IQF technology

The IQF or individual quick freezing (Individual Quick Freezing) is increasingly being imposed among the manufacturers of frozen food since this procedure guarantees, once we have thawed the product, that it retains all the texture, value Nutritious and equal flavor to the freshly harvested product.



We are a 100% Mexican company dedicated to processing frozen, dehydrated foods and avocado products, working under the applicable government food safety principles and regulations, to obtain the highest standards of quality and safety required by national and international markets exceeding the expectations of our customers and consumers, being committed to raising the quality of life of our partners, employees and community.


To become a leading company in the commercialization of food, recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of our products and raw materials, always committed to the satisfaction of our partners, customers, employees, environment and community.